Why Us

Integrated Offerings

Argot integrates its capabilities within our clients’ existing infrastructure, becoming an extension of your in-house team.

Evolve Together

Our teams evolve with your business; as your needs change, we introduce new team members with skills and experience that mirror your evolving business objectives.

Continual Alignment

IR and PR are continually aligned, ensuring strategy, story and tactical execution are consistent, and budgets are optimized, as integration creates financial—and time—efficiencies that benefit your bottom line.

Senior Engagement

Senior leaders remain engaged; Argot clients enjoy access and direct lines of communication to the agency’s most senior leadership team, including the CEO, President and COO.

Client Priority

We prioritize all clients equally; dedicated teams staffed with experts specific to your business ensure the right skills and knowledge are available to you, regardless of your company’s size.

Extended Capabilities

Our partnership with Danforth Advisors integrates strategic communications with cross-functional specialists and services in the areas of C-level advisory, finance and accounting, human resources, clinical business operations and risk management, applying deep sector expertise, institutional knowledge and connections to support life science innovators across the entire corporate life cycle.